Vessels never lay idle at this berth.

Cold Quay maintains overall control through integrated agency/storing and forwarding services.

Cold Quay's facilities offer you a hub of fresh opportunities for trading not only with Turkey itself, but also with Baghdad, Tehran, and many other destinations on the trade routs of the Eastern Mediterranean, between the Black Sea, Iran, and Iraq . But there is much more, the free zone means that you can handle both imports and exports duty and tax-free. You can decide where to ship your goods to give you the best return, either by road or sea to the final destination. Cold Quay offerss you trucking, forwarding, and can arrange transport either on board with specialised refrigerated vessels or with refrigerated containers, handling all documentation in a smooth logistic flow.

Our experienced team ensures that your cargo is delivered door-to-door, if required. Repackaging or quality control can be carried out by our own staff. On a 300-meter berth with a 9 meters draft, you are only 20 meters away from the cold store doors. The cargo is safely and swiftly handled by the modern cargo handling equipment at a very competitive rates. We operate our own private stevedoring service, which is available 24 hours a day, all year round. Cold Store Specifications The cold store consists of 8 rooms 6 of them have PLC controlled adjustable temperatures between -25 to +15 degree centigrades , 2 of them are specially for fresh fruits and vegetables above 0 degree Each room for chilled and frozen cargo approximately 4500 cbm storage capacity, and each room for fresh cargo is 480 plts capacity.